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Canon has long ruled the marketplace as an excellent company. Its wide yet strong selection of devices makes it extremely famous. They include a large variety of functions meant to assist customers to get an enjoyable copying session. Canon machines likewise grew beyond simple to multifunctional throughout the years and increasing innovation. Clients may also utilize the printer for additional purposes like copying, scanning, faxing, etc. but additional than printing.

Its user-friendly UI provides photocopying enjoyable and efficient. Users must conduct the method once the user buys the new machine. Users the had to download & activate the Canon printer driver through it enables copying as well as various features. Follow the instructions offered throughout this page to have a flawless canon machine configuration and photocopying.

The installation process for the canon printer device driver via ijsetup

To install the driver easily & smoothly, users should configure the computer in advance. Just several measures will indeed assist to prevent mistakes. The below are the procedures and preventive measures that need to take into consideration during the printing process.

  • There must be sufficient capacity on the desktop to downloading or installing the Canon device driver.
  • It needs to be clear of any undesirable documents such as cached folders, histories, cookies, and so on.
  • Please ensure that possess moderate and secured connectivity with the computer equipment. You cannot obtain the machine firmware on an open network.
  • Whenever users are downloading the printer software, users need to be informed of the OS as well as its edition. It helps users to get the driver that your computer support.
  • To prevent breaks throughout the middle, all wires connecting to the machine should be well attached.
  • Users must provide authorization each moment when user wants to make modifications to the computer.
  • Only when required to eliminate the encryption restriction, done this by disabling it.
  • The computer needs to meet the needed driver criteria for
  • To conduct the installing procedure, users must sign in with the admin.

Downloading and Installing the Canon printer driver

Downloading the Canon Driver through

The configuration package of the printer drivers must be downloaded before installing. Downloads may be done through “” quickly and conveniently. ijsetup is just a Canon Window webpage. This is a single-halt solution that meets the criteria of the Canon driver. This webpage URL lets users physically seek suitable software for the Canon device. See the steps underneath to learn further regarding this technique.

  • Connect the pc with a search engine and proceed towards the “” Company website for downloading. This Link must be entered throughout the link area as well as the Enter button must be tapped to reroute.
  • When you are redirecting, tap onto the “Configuration” page and then type it in the brand machine.
  • The Canon searches for a particular device version and displays the item screen through its directory as you type.
  • Sometimes, rather than simply obtaining the downloading URL, users can have a printer’s configuration page.
  • When you do, simply hit the “Start” icon and then go towards your printer’s directions. Migrate the Visual Manual on the display to proceed amongst every process by clicking on ‘Continue / Next.’
  • Press the “Connect” option throughout the bottom right side when all the features are accomplished.
  • This allows users to access the downloading URL. The downloading may be red-clicked then the procedure starts. But the user must select the right OS firstly. The Operating System button is placed in the region below the left. Choose and start downloading.
  • Hold till the downloading procedure of the Canon device software is complete. It takes a few minutes until the downloading is finished.

Installation of the Canon Printer Driver

Users are required to activate and start the task once users get the Printer Configuration Document. Installing the last and essential execution portion. Regarding a glitch-free operation, every stage of the procedure has to be closely watched.

  • Users need to acquire and start the document after the downloading is finished.
  • The message appears to be looking for needed consent. The installation process will start on the machine once the program is allowed.
  • Users may view the choices for creating a connection between the computer with the printer when users go forward through the main screen to the display. Selecting the chosen approach will allow users to interact with the on-display instructions.
  • Pick a pick among the set of choices applicable for the machine once connected.
  • Users must next click the button to pick the channeling program user wish for installing.
  • There are a couple of additional operations, like reviewing the licensing deal, running the printing sample, and much more, you require to do. Complete the tasks necessary and complete the com/ijsetup software activation procedure.

How to Undertake Photocopying using the Canon Printer After Installation of the Driver?

Photocopying is the fundamental operation created for the Canon printer. Please use professional advice to photocopy photos and related files. The steps given below are similar. The data users provide helps users to copy fast and easily using the Canon Printer. Make sure users have the printer software downloaded and installed on the PC using “”

Adding the Printer:

To photocopy, once finishing the photocopying configuration, users must connect the Canon printer into the PC.

  • Commence to the administraion window and start making the choice of the “Tools and Audio” portion.
  • Afterwards, pick the button “Printers” then access the screen of the device.
  • Then, users must press on the option “Connect new Printer” upon on top.
  • The computer starts searching for the printer when users press. This will show the Query Results when the Canon printer is properly linked to the computer.
  • If users can locate it in database, then users may attempt to use the url “Device missing in the record” to select alternate ways. Select within the listing the appropriate choice and find the printer using a popup on the display.

Fill the Canon device with sheet and Color

  • The following procedure is to activate the printer & insert sheets and ink tanks.

Send Instruction of Print

  • After the installation is finished, view this page and submit the printing instruction. Throughout the “File” area of the paper, users may locate the instruction. The short key for the similer, i.e. “CTRL+P, could also be used.

Examine the documentation and adjust the configuration

  • On transferring the instruction, users will be seeing the copy sneak peak. Verify that certain documents parameters are proper according to expertise. Adjustments in sheet numbering, sheet lines, printing colour, size, performance and much more, if necessary. When greater than single machine is connected, verify and make sure you choose the right machine.

Verify the printed text

  • Verify the printer by pressing the “Print” button after verifying relevant parameters. When you press, the device processes and starts publishing your instruction using the aid of the device software.


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