Canon Printer E510 Setup

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Canon 510 Printer access to the Web

  • Be sure the canon e510 printer is mounted full before linking the printer to the Internet. Ink cartridges and also paper should be packed in the printer correctly.
  • Afterward, switch on the printer by pushing the power switch. After that wait till the power lamp lits effectively.
  • After that, press and hold the Wi-Fi switch in order to link to the network. This switch is sure to be located at the top of the canon 510 printer on the functional panel.
  • Consequently, once the Wi-Fi light obtains stability, push the “Shade” switch from the operational panel.
  • After this, the functional panel begins blinking. Then, wait till the power lamp obtains security.
  • Now, press the Shade switch once again.
  • By doing so, the cordless network light will certainly begin flashing.
  • Following that, wait until you secure the Wi-Fi light.
  • Then, after attaching your printer to the web, the power and also the Wi-Fi light will certainly quit blinking as well as obtains security.
  • This connects your wireless printer to the wireless network successfully.
  • Next off, you need to validate your canon 510 printer So, for this, see to it that your printer is activated. Make sure that a paper tray has to contains at least 2 A-4 papers.
  • Afterward, press as well as hold the Wi-Fi button until the power light lights blink when. Start the toggle when the light flashes.
  • Then click again the Wi-Fi toggle. In so doing, the internet data web address will surely be published.
  • Test the connection tip in the printout. It has to indicate “Active”, as well as SSID solution, must show the correct wireless link name. For that reason, this validates the setup of your canon 510 printer to the cordless link.

The Canon E510 Printer Driver has been accessed and assembled


  • Above all, open your device to an internet browser.
  • Afterward, see the Canon support page.
  • You are redirected to the chauffeur setup page for the printer.
  • Tap on the link from the driver that you want to use.
  • This will certainly open the driver downloading and install window.
  • Now the download process can be started by clicking on the “Download” tab at the center of the view.
  • In the center of the downloading process, you could obtain a pop-up for saving the data, selecting the downloading and install location, and so on. After that, follow on-screen directions for the successful completion of the downloading and install process.
  • Next, you need to simply wait because the printer chauffeur downloads and installs.
  • Afterward, you need to attach it to your device when the download and setup have been finished.


  • You have to link your device to the very same wireless network that your canon e510 printer is linked with before you start the installation.
  • Then, open the downloaded folder and install the downloaded configuration data on your computer. In this case, you have modified the position when the archive is downloaded, open it.
  • Now double-tap on the loaded printer file and install it.
  • Next off, if triggered by the customer account discussion for approval, click on the “Yes” alternative.
  • You will adjust the language in the following window depending on your wishes. You must click on the “Language” option for that reason. This collection can definitely be found on the left side of the list. After picking the language, click the “Ok” button.
  • After that, click on the “Following” switch.
  • Consequently, in the next window, pick your place of residence. Make the preferred selection.
  • Now, the license arrangement home window will present. Meticulously review the entire contract and move even more by clicking the “Yes” choice.
  • Next off, the extended survey program discussion box will certainly appear. Then press “Accept” if you would like to take part in the program. Tap on “Do not Accept” if you do not wish to join. It’s a move optional.
  • Then, click on the “All Load Wizard Procedures” option to allow “Next”
  • Now, the following home window of firewall setups will certainly show up on your display. Click the “Following” option.
  • You’ll see that the printer’s state is searched for in the following house window. Then, click the “Following” switch.
  • Consequently, in the next window, pick the printer connection method. You will see 2 alternatives, a Wireless LAN link, and a USB connection. The “Wireless Lan Link” checkbox should be selected. After picking the printer connection, click on the “Following” button. At the end of the website, you’ll see this button.
  • Next off, if the USB wire is attached to the printer that disconnects it. Tap on the “Following” button after isolation.
  • Afterward, wait till the setup procedure is going on.
  • After that, make certain that your printer is activated. After that, click the “Next” switch.
  • The program framework will then scan for any printers on your network. For that reason, detection may spend some time, so please hold your horses while the software looks for a printer.
  • For instance, if you really have linked your printer to your server already, choose it from the window “Printers on the netlist from the list. After that, click on the “Following” to begin the software program setup
  • Ultimately, get in the identification number of your printer in the highly regarded area. Afterward, click the “Following” switch.
  • Thereafter, the MP vehicle drivers and also network devices will certainly be downloaded and install, and also mounted. Wait till the software is set up into the system effectively.
  • Then, you require to wait till the setup procedure obtains completed.
  • Currently, if you are mounting for the first time “Print Head Positioning” is advised after the installation is finished. After that, click on the “Next” button.
  • After that, to execute an examination print to verify the setup, click the “Implementation”. If you do not wish to perform an examination print it, click on the “Next” option.
  • Subsequently, the configuration treatment is currently completed effectively. Thereafter, you require to click the “Next” alternative to carry out the software application setup.
  • After this, choose the software you wish to set up from the checklist. Then, click the “Following” switch. You will certainly situate this switch at the bottom of the page.
  • Afterward, if you wish to register your printer, click the “Following” switch. Or else, click on the “Miss” option.
  • Finally, click the “Exit” choice to complete the setup procedure of the printer chauffeur. Therefore, this finishes the installment.


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