Canon Pixma MG2570

Enter Printer Model

Installation of Canon MG2570

Establish a WiFi between the printer and the network

  • Unbox the printer first and foremost and uninstall all packages. Then, set the paper tray, mount the ink cartridges, and load them onto some sheets of paper.
  • Then attach the printer’s power line in a secure power supply.
  • Click the “Power” button to switch your printer into operation. You have to make sure your “Power Lamp” is lit properly. You can also activate your device. In addition, ensure a secure, high-spinal Internet link is linked to your computer.
  • First, position the printer near your machine to securely hook it up. You can use the USB cable supplied with the Canon MG2570, which involves connecting your device to one end of the USB cable and to a printer on the other end.
  • Access the Start Menu” control panel of your computer. Tap the Windows icon in the left lower corner of the panel to do so. Click “Control Panel.” from the top right screen. The Mac users should instead click “Apple Menu” in the left corner of the screen. Then pick Preferences for the system.
  • Click “Hardware & Sound” and click “Printers and devices.” The “Printers & Scanners” window can be used by the Mac owner.
  • Then, from the very top of the browser, press “Add a printer.” The specifics of the linked printer will be given to Mac users. Canon MG2570S. Then press “Plus” on the bottom left of the monitor below the printer. Then, on the top of the icon, press on the “IP.” Insert the full title of the printer in the ‘address’ field. Automatically selects the corresponding driver from the “Use” drop-down menu.
  • A list of linked printers will appear in the following browser. Therefore, pick from the list “Canon MG2570S.” Tap on ‘Add Unit’ then. Mac users can also press the ‘Add’ key. Similarly.

Computer Device Driver Installation

On Window

  • Switch your machine and your printer on first. Link the printer with a USB cable to the Computer
  • Only insert your Cannon MG2570S printer with the CD installation. Now! The Printer Driver file can be downloaded from the Canon Printer Configuration website.
  • As the CD is inserting on your system CD drive, the Cannon MG2570 Printer Setup window opens. You can also find the downloaded file on your machine to open the installation window, then double-click it.
  • You can also choose your preferred language from the “Printer Setup” window. Select your chosen language by clicking “Language”
  • Then press the button “Next”
  • By clicking the “Set Your Residence” window, you will be encouraged to choose the correct choice. Click ‘Next’ afterward.
  • Select your residence “Country” from the list then. Click on the button “Next.”
  • It will subsequently provide you a list of all the installation software available. The ones you wish on your system should be selected here. However, if you’re never aware what choices you have to select. Then simply click on Select everything.
  • Select Next afterward.
  • You will find a “license agreement” in the subsequent window. Therefore, carefully review it. Hit the Next.
  • Subsequently, when Canon MG2570S is requested to be allowed, click “Next.”
  • The installation will therefore begin. The next window keeps you up-to-date with the “Progress Bar” installation state. So wait until the process is finished.
  • You will be asked to ensure that your PC is linked to your Canon MG2570S printer and allowed. Try it out. Make sure that it’s the same. If necessary, click on “Help” and you’ll be guided.
  • Restart your computer thereafter.
  • Now load the printer with standard A4 sheets and perform the test print to ensure proper installation.

For the Mac

  • Turn your computer and your printer on to get started. Then attach your printer with a USB cable to the machine
  • Then enter your Canon MG2570S printer on your installation CD. Alternatively, a printer driver file can be downloaded from the Setup Web site of the Canon Printer.
  • The Canon MG2570S Printer Setup window will be opened when you insert the CD into the drive of your device. Alternatively, you can pick and double-click the file downloaded for opening the Configuration Window of your device.
  • It will now prompt you for the “Password and user identification” of your Mac Administrator. Enter the correct login credentials and click the Next button.
  • You can also use the “Printer Setup” window to select your preferred language. Tap on “Language” and pick your chosen language.
  • After that, click the Next option.
  • You will be instructed by the following window to “Set Your Residence” Therefore, the correct choice is chosen. Hit the Next.
  • Pick from the list below your country of residence. Click Next then.
  • You then get a list of all available installer apps.The ones you wish on your device should be picked here. However, if you are unsure what options to choose. Then simply click on “Select everything.”
  • Select Next afterward.
  • You will find a “license agreement” in the subsequent window. Therefore, carefully review it. Click on the tab Next.
  • Then, when Canon MG2570S Setup is required to allow, click Next.
  • The installation will therefore begin. The next window keeps you up-to-date with the “Progress Bar” installation state. So wait until the process is finished.
  • Next, your Canon Pixma MG2570S printer will be connected to the computer and enabled. Check and ensure that the same thing. If needed, click “Help” and you’ll be guided by it.
  • Restart, finally, your Mac.
  • Next, load the printer with plain A4 sheets and run a “Test Print” for correctly installing the setup.


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