How To Fix Canon Printer Error ?

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Canon provides a range of intelligent and highly advanced printing machines that are easy to use. These advanced, user-centric devices have special features. Like most advanced equipment, these printers are subject to numerous technological errors, such as canon mx922 support code 5100. This is a very common topic that users sometimes come across.

Comprehend Canon Printer Error

It is incredibly necessary to correct a Canon Printer Error to make sure it does not do the Printer lasting harm. However, this is only achievable when you correctly identify the problem. The Warning lamp starts flickering when you get a mistake in Canon Printer. In addition, the help code or the error number for your computer screen is also provided. In certain instances, the Control Lamp of the Printer will even begin to flash with its Warning Lamp. You have a good view of the condition of these lamps alongside your post. You should take the right steps to clear this Canon Printer Error from the specified Error Code.

Popular and associated canon printer error codes

Mistakes 1003, 2100, 2101, 125, 1300, 1303, 1310, 4103, 2103, 2102 and 1304 are error uses.

The following errors were made 1687, 1401, 1403, 1485, 1486, 1487, 1702, 1703, 1704, 1705, 1712, 1713, 1714, 1715, 18 90 and 1686.

Error (some of the most significant ones are: Printer Errors) canon mx922 error 5100, 5B02, 5B03, 5B04, 5B05, 5B12, 5B14, 5B15, 5011, 5012, 5200, 5400, 6000, 6500, 6800, 6801, 6902, six 910, six 911, six 910, 69306, 6802, 6932, 6933, 6936, 6937, six938, 6940, six941,6942,6944, 6945, etc.

Canon Printer Error Correction

As mentioned above, error solving steps should be done according to the specified Canon Printer Error Code. According to the following, some of the most basic troubleshooting steps will quickly solve this dilemma. You must verify some simple items before undertaking the troubleshooting measures to ensure that your printer works properly.

  • Make sure your printer is correctly hooked and linked to the power supply.
  • Often, guarantee that the Internet is correctly installed.
  • It has to be attached safely to your computer.
  • Often search for unused cartridges of paper tray and ink. Please note that they are appropriately filled.
  • Furthermore, any paper jams are transparent.
  • Ensure the covering isn’t open.

Troubleshooting Precautions

Settings to change the port

  • To get the “Run” command window, hit the Windows Logo Key with “R” on the keyboard.
  • In the given search bar, you have to enter “devmgmt.msc.” Touch the “Enter” key afterward.
  • The system manager is upgraded. Go to the menu above. Click the “View” tab.
  • Now pick “Display devices hidden.”
  • Right-click on the “Ports” page.
  • Then choose the “Properties” option.
  • Next, to open the configuration window, click on “Port settings.”
  • Then pick “Use any port-assigned interrupt.
  • Check now for the alternative “Enable legacy plug and play detection.” Check the checkbox for the tick. Click “OK,” next Then.
  • Restart your machine, eventually.

Switch Printer Online

  • Click the “Start” button of Windows.
  • See the “Control Panel” tab in the browser below. Click it to go to the device control panel.
  • Choose “Printers and Devices.”
  • A list of linked devices is shown in the following window. Choose your Canon Printer for that.
  • Only right-click it. Right-click it. Make sure the “Use Printer Offline” alternative is not chosen. If it is picked, though. Click it to unsubscribe.
  • To clear Canon Printer Error, restart your machine.

Reinstall Canon Printer Driver

  • Go to your computer’s Control Panel.
  • Choose “Printers and Devices.”
  • Locate the printer for your Canon. Then press on it to the top.
  • Click on the tab “Device Remove” now.
  • Restart the computer.
  • Afterward, open a web browser. Go to “ijstartcanonx” then.
  • You’ve got to look for the Canon Printer Type here.
  • Then, find the Printer Driver open. Tap on the “Download” tab to balance it.
  • Wait before you finish the download. Then open the file you download.
  • Obey the on-screen guidelines to successfully upgrade the driver programme.
  • Finally, restart the Canon Printer Error to correct the machine.

Operation of Reset Print Spooler

  • To get the “Run” command window, hit the Windows Logo Key with “R” on the keyboard.
  • In the given search bar, you can enter “services.msc” here. Touch the “Enter” key afterward.
  • A search result window will be generated. Go to the panel on your side. Choose “Print Spooler” then.
  • Tap on it right. Right-click. Then choose the “Properties” option.
  • Choose the General button. 
  • The “Startup Type” drop-down box has to be pressed here. Choose “Self-administered.”
  • Click the ‘Apply’ tab. Choose “OK” then.
  • Lock the window after that.
  • Restart the machine at last.

Further Actions

  • Update the OS on your PC.
  • To Address PC Problem Use Windows Repair Tool.
  • Restore your Internet connection.


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