How to fix canon printer troubleshooting

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The main problems of Canon printers include paper jams, expired printer drivers, canon printers in a line, mistaken printing, network issues, poor printing, etc. Here are a couple of moves to canon printer troubleshooting.

  • Inspection of the USB cord and paper container
  • Follow the power line correctly. Check if the battery pack is attached that the cord is not faulty.
  • Check the Power cord to ensure also that the printer and computer are completely connected.
  • Delete the paper container from the machine before you checked the cables. Don’t insert a bit of paper in the container.
  • Uninstall the new Printer driver and restore it

Due to an outdated version, you couldn’t work on the printer software.  Then uninstall the device. For this purpose, click on the Start button. Then take a look at the control screen, the systems, and the programs. Choose your printer software from the application list and click Uninstall. Then, after the canon printer troubleshooting steps, the program reinstalls:

  • Go to the official website of the canon. On the right of the homepage, press the Setup key.
  • In the “Product Name Select” browser, search for your printer.
  • Choose between the Windows OS and Mac operating systems and click the driver download.
  • Double-click, read, tap on and double-click on the page you downloaded.

Printer Tends to stop Printing- Check the canon printer stuck in queue

Canon printer troubleshooting tips for canceling the canon printer stuck in a queue:


  • To display the menu on the right side corner of your screen, press Apple.
  • Pick from the options you make the Machine Expectations.
  • Select Printers after that.
  • Pick your printer and select “Open Print Tail”
  • To delete printed work in a line pick the required text and hit “Cancel”


  • Click the Windows Icon and select the Setup button.
  • Pick Items, next.
  • Choose this alternative of Printers and Scanners.
  • Select the working printer after that. All listed documents are shown on your computer. To delete a print job easily, press the button Cancel all papers.

Clear the dry incarnation

You sometimes won’t print transparent papers on your printer. The following suggestion for canon printer troubleshooting in this scenario:

  • You must remove the dry ink from the cartridge if you view diagonal lines and holes in the printed copy.
  • Use a damp chip to scrape magnetic cartridge connections carefully. Make sure you dust-free your type-type head.
  • Change the tin cartouches if the rate of the ink is low. Then install the cartridges properly.

Resolve the canon printer problems troubleshooting of “Slow Printer”

This is among the most popular issues with Canon printers. The printer usually works slowly as you want to print high-quality paper. The content of the print must be lowered to solve this problem. Click File> to print the dialogue box for printing in the Relevant documents. Then pick the printer you want and press Favorites.The Common Printer segment is available here. Please pick big, standard, quick, or customized print production as you choose. You will also increase the speed of the printing by lowering the efficiency of the press and protect the toner and dye.

These are the complete steps for canon printer problem troubleshooting.


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