How To Resolve Canon MG3222 Error Code 1702?

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How to resolve canon mg3222 error codes?

For its automated cleaning feature, Canon Printers uses the Waste Ink Absorber. These are usually a series of flat, rubber-structured foam pads. It is used for absorbing both ruined and wasteful tin which collects during the printing or purification process.

It is important to clean the head frequently to ensure the optimum output of the printer. In other cases, clear and sharp written duplicates are guaranteed to be obtained. When you perform the purification function, the printed head removes dirt and dry ink. This dust is collected with dried ink by the Waste Ink Absorber. It means that dirt and dry-out ink do not build up and also flow through the printer, which affects its work.

Nevertheless, this tin absorber is used constantly over some time. It interrupts printing to avoid damage to the printer as it cannot handle more dirt and ink. You get the canon mg3222 error codes, which states the ink absorber is near/full.

How can I repair the canon mx472 ink reset Error?

Continue to print click “OK”

  • Whenever you get a mistake, it is better to complete the role when doing a publicity feature.
  • You would then only click “ALRIGHT” on your Canon Printer.
  • Continue the printing process after that. If you can’t call the printer or finish printing your system. Continue to the next step after that.

Reset the excess ink absorber

  • The first printer is “Turn Off” First and foremost.
  • Click the “Resume” button and keep it down now.
  • Pushing the “Return to” button and keeping down the “Power” button. This certainly lights up the green LED light on your printer.
  • At present, though you still hold down the “Return to” button, you have to run the “Power” button. The effect is a one-minute “Amber” transformation of the eco-friendly LEd light on your printer.
  • Then the “Power” button should be slowly launched.
  • Then, press the “Resume” again in a fast series four times. Click the power button straight away to confirm the operation chosen, i.e. to reset the absorber meter.
  • Now, turn the printer off and give it a few seconds to relax. Change it on afterward.
  • The canon mg3222 error codes must be discussed. Otherwise, the absorber would surely be adjusted

Wash the absorber with the excess ink.

  • Next, get a big dish/pan and fill it with soapy and cozy water. It was distinguished.
  • Put on rubber covers now.
  • You have to open your Canon printer’s Ink Area next. The front or back of the printer is visible depending on the type. You should search your User’s Manual for its location.
  • Then allow the toner or the ink cartridge to be fully removed from the scene. Separate the printer from the power supply afterward.
  • Check for a black rubber structure while you have complimentary access to the waste tinte absorber. It includes pads that absorb tin.
  • Draw the frame of the rubber. The absorber of excess ink is shielded. Draw forward the printer.
  • In the first step, put the tin pads in the plate/hot water boiler.
  • You need next to leave it for time to soak.
  • Clean and pinch the pads to purify the ink afterward. Replace the warm soapy water as requested at the same time. Continue this step until the pads are clean.
  • However, if any of the ink and residue can’t be scrubbed clean. Let it take the soap process for a longer time.
  • Squeeze the extra water from the pads afterward. Spread it then into a battery of absolutely dry paper towels or papers.
  • Enable it to dry absolutely at present. When they are soaked, replace the paper towels concurrently.
  • And reassembling the plastic frame of the foam pads. Mount the absorber of the waste ink in its exact place.
  • Click the “Power” switch and keep it. Wait for five sec and press the “Power” button again.
  • It resets the internal memory of the printer and also overrides the canon mg3500 reset.

Replace the absorber of the excess dye

  • It means that the tin pad is exhausted and needs a patch if anything else fails. In other words, a brand-new Waste Ink Absorber can be bought from Canon and replaced to fix the issue.
  • However, you need to do so yourself. However, it is an awkward and disconcerting method to replace it. Often, the counter can be reset if you are responsible for successfully altering the Ink Absorber. Your printer won’t run properly without it.
  • It is not desirable to replace the waste ink absorber bottle because of this. You would instead search for a technical expert for specialized assistance.
  • This dust and dry ink was stored by the Waste Ink Absorber. It ensures that all stain and dry ink are not streaming into the printer and piling up to affect its output.
  • It interferes with the printing process to avoid damage to the printer so it cannot handle any more dirt and incense. You can receive the Canon Printer 1702 error code, which indicates that the ink absorber is almost / finished.
  • Then you have to open your Canon printer’s Ink Compartment.


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